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AREA - 1200 SQ.FT


As the Cafe industry grows worldwide, waste has become a more pressing issue to deal with. The 500 sq. Ft. cafe experience is inspired by nature which helped elevate the overall decor of their brand-new store in Gurugram. Staying true to its logo—derived from earth, water, sun & air—the brand’s flagship store, located in DLF galleria market, is a fine design blend of minimal elements providing a warm, cozy and homey vibe to the users.

The layout of For Earths Sake, Gurugram was primarily designed to keep the circulation easy and seamless with single circulation axis while accommodating the design requirements. In order to make the products the focus of the space, we kept the theme as neutral, light and muted as possible.

The white textured walls, grey concrete finished tiles with custom design print tiles and teal / grey accents helped bring our vision of an airy, contemporary space to life. The addition of MS pipes which we usually see as part of our daily plumbing purposes have been used here as a support structure for our wooden shelves, they pose as a strong, reusable unit and last long for a good period of time. It’s diverse in use, forms and sizes hereby replacing plastic tubes. Finally, to offset the abundance of natural textures and colors in the cafe, we painted an exposed brickwall black with a crafty mural promoting the entire zero waste concept & to achieve a peaceful and calming palette feel. The identity of the cafe, however, is tied to the fact that it has an abundance of natural light.

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