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AREA - 3000 SQ.FT


Situated at Golf Course Road, Gurugram on the 19th floor is one of our most sophisticated projects “Belaire”. The site is set in an urban colony surrounded by greens. Incidentally our designers and the owners, a young couple, embrace a similar design philosophy so the vision for the space was easy to formulate—a contemporary, minimal home.

We wanted the house to look lavish but contemporary, with lots of monochrome marble finish textures. Interestingly, the visual aesthetic serves as a calming antidote to the homeowners’ personalities. Clean lines, uncluttered simplicity, subtle tones, and a limited material palette—these are the terms that encompass our mind when thought about minimalism.

Considering how spacious the living room was, we wanted to visually split it up by furniture to break the monotony. It was divided into bar, dining and sitting area. The idea was also to fit in all modern amenities as per today. The colour palette was in response and respect to the amount of sunlight received. The space boasts a fair share of covetable, collectable accessories for shots of the client’s personality from space to space and ultimately make the space unique to him. 

The bedrooms have curtains which are universally appealing to add a sophisticated note to the design. Being semi- sheer, they floor to ceiling, in a warm monochrome featuring simple and fluid lines dramatically makes each room appear larger. The furnishing has array of tonal textiles, fabrications and a pop of colour for quiet visual plays adding warmth and richness throughout.

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