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AREA - 700 SQ.FT


Our design approach was to bring together a clean fresh medical setting and a health-stimulating wellness experience, so patients feel comfortable and at ease. Sharp lines and clean white practically, natural light through the whole practice, providing nourishment for plants and people alike intuitively refer to medical professionalism.

We wanted the reception area to communicate with the outside walkway and flow into the public space. The feature wall design with frames and linear light helps bring movement and provides connection and continuity to the outside realm. The reception desk itself is made of stone composite which joins this element to the floor and ceiling while limiting the use of excessive materials. We used a custom-made blush pink pastel color as the accent color throughout the clinic, from the reception feature wall to Dado Rails with moldings through the Operatories.

The Operatories are placed around the corner. Each one features large windows, offering views to provide an abundance of natural light, while maintaining privacy, and provide delightful views to distract the patients during their procedures.

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