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AREA - 1500 SQ.FT


The site is set in one of the posh commercial South Delhi market with a beautiful park facing entry. The concept for the space was primarily influenced by an effort to express notions related to the treatment process and the mastery of the doctors. The space features texture, elegance, sophistication, sensitivity, and flexibility.

The dermatology clinic is placed on the second floor of an office building. This project starts from seeing the clinic as a spatial complex and not as the combination of public and private fragments. In order to do so, we aim that several project and clinical aspects take part in the same spatial experience by organizing the flow of patients and the movement of medical personnel. 

Client awaits their consultations in the spatially located circular room placed towards the front of the building facing a beautiful park, being easier to access from the reception and waiting area. We aspired for a strong artistic statement that breaks the cold, hard stereotype of medical interiors. Light, a critical ingredient of many dermatological treatments, is the starting point from which the project evolves. We placed the consultation room and waiting area towards the east side of the building letting the abundant natural light filter all around. 

The spaces set out an organized exchange of materials, textures and reflexes that present contiguously different spatial experiences. The lime plaster texture accommodates the waiting area and the reception along with the doubly loaded corridor. The furniture in the common space has similar finishes to the walls to further continue the concept. Patients can perceive the idea of the clinic as a whole everywhere.

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