AREA - 230 SQ.FT


The conscious design and sustainable alternatives have always been long talked about and discussed; they are strongly encouraged because it is beneficial to our environment. It is each and every one of our duties and responsibilities to protect and take care of our environment, a step towards fine tuning our legacy.

For Earth’s Sake project is one such small initiative towards the reduction the plastic waste in our daily use. The client’s brief was of a retail experience which offers over 70 different daily use ecofriendly products, groceries and more coming up soon.  The main idea behind their small effort is strong initiative to reduce the carbon footprint by minimizing the use of plastic and other non-sustainable materials to zero.

The conscious design and sustainable alternatives were our main prerogative in this design brief. The MS pipes which we usually see as part of our daily plumbing purposes have been used here as a support structure for our wooden shelves, they pose as a strong, reusable unit and last long for a good period of time. It’s diverse in use, forms and sizes hereby replacing plastic tubes.

For wooden planks, an alternative of hardwood, also known as rubberwood is used. It might evoke the impression of a rubbery, bendable wood. In actuality, this dense-grained lumber is hard and durable.

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