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AREA - 2800 SQ.FT


This residential complex is nestled amidst the lush greenery of Civil Lines in North Delhi, The brief for the residence of a well-travelled elderly couple and their children’s families outlined independent yet interconnected living spaces for all members while providing with ample sunlight in winter, indirect light in summer and ventilation. We noticed the striking difference of two settled colonies, both of different culture but with similar colour palette. We started the renovation process with the goal of keeping as many as the existing structures as possible. While designing we tried to incorporate an earthy colour palette along with the derivatives of traditional design elements.

“Evolving culturally relevant elements with minimalistic design ideation is a key force here”

We tried to keep all the materials in their natural form and state. The exposed brick wall upon entering the foyer adds to the boldness of material identity yet blends in with the soothing ambiance of the traditional furniture pieces, it further opens to a view of the lush greens, with ample amount of sunlight. Traditional motif tiles have been used with bold colours which creates an illusion of wide balcony space than it already is. The planning of this project has been done in a way which creates intimate nooks and corners as well as provides shielded access to the rooms keeping up with the ideals of privacy. All family lounging spaces are open which defines a space within a space and establishes an interconnection.

     What really gives sharp lines along the edges is the brass inlayed wooden skirting, the hitting contrast of shining brass with dark wood makes it stand out as it forms an unintentional but a conventional line defining the common areas all too well. 

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