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AREA - 1000 SQ.FT


We were invited by Moksha Group to design their exhibition booth for a Cosmetics fair in Delhi. Moksha group is one of the leading industrialists with a worldwide production and distribution of the finest Essential Oils, Spice Oleoresins, Herbal Extracts, Floral Hydrosols, and other natural materials.

The construction and material for the booth was inspired by Nature. The structure showcases three tree like structures with the central bark enclosing the booth with extended branches towards the side.

The front bark acts as a booth display, with the branding and some bottles of oils to guide guests about the company. The rear bark acts as a coffee counter where guests can stop for a cup of coffee while exploring the wide range of products Moksha Group has to offer.

Material Palette is based on teak colour sequences and some wood texture materials. We used leftover ply boards from our workshop to extend the all-natural and green concept of the company to the expo booth design.

Apart from this, we wanted the booth to be interactive with the guests / users. We further designed it to stimulate the 5 senses.

  1. Sight – To make the booth more aesthetically pleasing, we added a green backdrop, which highlights the true nature of the company. There were back lit displays, focussing on the company on either side of the booth which also helped in enclosing the space. A catalogue stand was added next to the reception table to make the customers reach it.

  2. Sound – The trade shows tend to get a little noisy, as a lot of booths are placed nearby. Our booth was no such exception. We had 3 competitor booths on 3 sides except our front. To reduce the noise, we made displays all around to block such awkward interruptions. We also gave it a few breaks, to avoid any visual barriers from the outside corridor.

  3. Smell – Since Moksha Group deal in the best essential oils in the world, we had no problem in encountering this sense. We installed a variety of oil diffusers throughout the space to entice people to visit our booth.

  4. Taste – The sense of smell also triggers the sense of taste; however, we designed a Coffee counter at the rear bark. This was a multi- functional space as the company representatives were hosting the customers / guests whilst explaining the company profile and products. We believed that the booth needs to provide the right amount of sustenance to the customers, and this did the job.

  5. Touch – We wanted to draw customers to the booth with the promise of being able to interact with the company and its products in a tangible way. We placed the product samples without any hinderance, for comfortable experience. 

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