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AREA - 1700 SQ.FT


The site is set in an urban colony surrounded by
greens, most of the houses are decades old so it was only fair that our design process was
inspired by the built architecture around. The brief was for a joint family with common interests
to have interconnected spaces but very discreetly and abruptly leading to their own personal
space. The idea was also to fit in all modern amenities as per today. The colour palette was in
response and respect to the amount of sunlight received. The supposed common room was one
place which had an explosion of sunlight so it was essential that the palette of that room
comprised of dark pastel shades and only colour explosion would be of sunny colours thereby
merging while providing the space with an effective contrast.
A wall mural was just the add on we thought would do justice to the windows excising
light, the contrast of colours and their ability to soothe down the bright light fit just right, at
night it created a jazzy ambiance suited for a good family lounge, diffused light and a piano
creating more closed private area. A jute base dhurrie binds the whole room for us!
The common room served as a foyer for the rooms as well, divulging one towards
mystery of the space, the palette of the rooms was very selective and personal for the members
occupying it. It was neat and plain unlike to the cozy lounge and the contrast was balanced by a
Prussian blue feature wall with hints of mica, it complimented the monotonous beige tone of the
whole room. Not to forget the staggered side tables along with marble knobs completed the
hint of jazz we all hoped for. To compliment the bed side tables we made sure to have a
staggered book case which again instead of highlighting itself, blended with blue of the wall, the
corner was catered with a mustard chair, separating itself yet blending in elegently.
The second room was a fix for us but we left no stone unturned to make sure it was inspired by
all the elements of the so called “bachelor’s pad” with downright classiness. The occupant of
this room loves music so we made sure the room spoke of the rhythm with balance. The colour
palette was subtle but the side tables did all the work for us. The semi-resin semi-wood knobs
along with herringbone pattern broke all monotony. The knobs were consistently ideated upon,
the detail holds the key in whole design manifestation for our studio. And to complete the party,
we used the perfectly preserved vinyl records as a wall art.

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