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Studio Cube works with a team of amazing architects and designers who create some of the most incredible projects. Studio Cube works on different software's with Internationally accepted architectural standards to get the best result for simulation of designs.

Curving Staircase


Low Energy Performance Index of the building is the first step towards Sustainability. Designers at Studio Cube focus on reducing the EPI to a lower value that can chart the buildings route to Net Zero.

Yellow Couch


80% of the space is perceived by our Visual Receptors. Other 4 receptors accounts to the other 20%. As architects & designers our job is to increase the other 20% to create a better relation of the Space with the user

Minimalist Staircase


Shadows help in defining a space with the boldness it offers. Light play is equally important to make a space interesting. As architects continue to create with more than simple materials in mind, the solid buildings around us will start to feel more alive. Walking the same path will be a different experience depending on the times of the day, because the sun is always changing.

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